Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: Madagascar Vanilla

The Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: Madagascar Vanilla is THC free product. If you’re looking for natural health, then stick with natural products – like these from One Source Botanicals. Available in 900mg, 1800mg, and 3600mg one ounce bottles.


Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: Madagascar Vanilla

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Why Choose One Source Botanicals for their CBD/Hemp extract?

One Source Botanicals Broad Spectrum CBD oil is just one of premium hemp products that we offer.  One Source Botanicals is a dedicated source of high quality, lab-tested and performance assured products from Mother Nature. Our all natural hemp oil extracts have received rave reviews due to our product affordability and highest quality ingredients. Our Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil offers Three dosing options (strength) with a natural Madagascar Vanilla to help you continue on a path toward better botanical health.

What’s in the Bottle?

When your product contains ingredients from only one plant source(hemp), then you’re not going to be one of those companies who confuse customers with a list of strange sounding and hard to read ingredients. You can expect only clean, pure and natural with One Source Botanicals. Our hemp oil extract is a broad spectrum extract from domestic (USA) industrial hemp carefully sourced and processed at a GMP certified facility. The high CBD in this Broad Spectrum tincture is just a small part of a host of additional beneficial phytocannabinoids (such as CBG and CBC) within the bottle. Also, since this is a Broad Spectrum product, you can rest assured that One Source Botanicals is safe at Zero% D9THC.

Do the Math and find out why this works so well for you!

These high performing hemp extracts come in three strengths: 900mg, 1800mg or 3600mg. Our team at One Source Botanicals even thought out the math for everyone. Check this out:

Many manufacturers provide their hemp oil extract in tinctures with strengths such as 500mg or 250mg or even 1000mg. The average bottle of hemp oil extract is 30ml (which is very very close to 1 oz). Each serving size is 1ml (one milliliter which is the amount of liquid captured when you squeeze the bulb and let go while the tip of the dropper is resting in the liquid). This means that you get 30 servings per container (look at it as 30 ml per bottle divided by 1 ml per dropper or serving). When you consider that One Source Botanicals has strengths of 900mg, 1800mg, or even 3600mg, the math is super simple to find out how many milligrams of CBD you’re getting per serving.

In the case of the One Source Hemp Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 900mg bottle, 900mg (in the bottle)/30 servings is 30mg/serving. When you do the math for the 1800mg bottle, it’s 1800mg/30 servings which is 60mg per serving. The math is simple compared to other manufacturers (such as 500mg in the bottle/30 servings which is 16.66667mg per serving).

Wrapping it up

Save money and boost your health wonderfully with the help of the fine hemp products from One Source Botanicals. We’re happy to offer these fine products at all Carolina Hemp Hut stores nationwide. Don’t forget their acclaimed topical (skin) products for blasting away the discomfort from pain and aches while boosting skin health!

Product Packaging subject to change from master batch to master batch from One Source Botanicals.

Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: Madagascar Vanilla

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