Good Night Ultra 1225mg

Good Night Ultra 1225mg are currently available in a bonus pack of 35 edibles/gummies in Mixed Berry flavor.


Good Night Ultra 1225mg

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Good Night Ultra 1225mg are specially formulated Hemp based mixed berry gummies with the relaxing phytocannabinoids cannabidiol and cannabinol (CBN).

These are specifically formulated to offer a better transition from awake to rest with the calming properties of CBD and the body relaxation component CBN. For good measure, the immune boosting sleep-cycle natural hormone, Melatonin, is included to make your visit to dreamland a reality rather than a wish.

It is recommended that only one gummy is used for typical sleep boosting capabilities. Please allow 1 hour before retiring for your CBN/CBD edible to begin taking effect. These gummies, when taken on an empty stomach, may work faster. Please do not administer these edibles if you are driving or operating heavy machinery. These are best used for introducing sleep.

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