Delta DeLite Micro-Dosing Gummies

Delta DeLite Micro-Dosing Gummies in 30 count 10mg doses for 300mg per bottle. Enjoy better and more accurate micro-dosing for more relaxing impact without the pyschoactive impact.


Delta DeLite Micro-Dosing Gummies

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Delta DeLite Micro-Dosing Gummies are wonderful edibles that are suited for micro-dosing Delta 8 to achieve a harmonious balance in your body. If you are facing stressful and anxious moments and just need a small nudge in favor of calmness and relaxation without going overboard, then Delta DeLite edibles are your ticket.

These were developed first in 2019 for those who needed a boost on their existing Full Spectrum regimen, mainly for “taking the edge off.” Since that time, they have evolved into a better, richer-tasting formula with a solid vegan formula to keep more people in harmony. These plant-based gummies deliver the calming impact needed within about 45 minutes for most people.

Enjoy these with your favorite Full Spectrum drops or gummies or simply enjoy them alone. Either way, remember that these are designed for accurate micro-dosing of Delta 8. This way, you can achieve the balance you seek. It’s time to enjoy the Delta DeLites!

Each bottle contains 30 gummies (hemp edibles) with 10mg of Hemp-Derived Delta 8 with 300mg total cannabinoids per bottle.

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